3 Steps to Crushing Your Money Blocks

Follow these 3 steps to crushing money blocks. Money. We love it – we hate it. How many times have you thought that life would be a whole lot easier if you never needed money in the first place? If you’ve entertained thoughts that money is evil, mostly because you never have enough of it, and it seems to take an awful lot of work to get any at all, join the club. Others have felt that way too. It’s fairly normal to feel this way, even if it’s not the healthiest of thought processes.

There’s a phrase for this. When you get caught up in that cycle of negative beliefs, it’s called a ‘money block.’ And it could be what’s holding you back from financial success.

So how do you crush a money block?

1. Notice your thoughts about money

When you recognize a negative thought, explore it. See where it goes. Ask yourself where you got that thought. Whose voice do you hear in your head saying it? Is it something out of your childhood or more recent past? What feelings do you associate with that particular block?

Only by doing the work to examine the block in more detail, will you be able to understand it. And once you’ve gotten that far, you’re ready to finally set yourself free from the limiting thoughts that spawned it. Here’s where you lay to rest whatever was in your past that caused this block to form in the first place.

2. Rewrite the script

Once you’ve done the work of letting go of the past, it’s time to take down the block itself. You do that by rewriting the script. Your mind needs a substitute for those blocks that come up often.

So if you find yourself thinking ‘I can’t save money,’ instead, think about the times when you have saved money for something important to you. Then, armed with this knowledge, find a new statement that’s truer than the old one. Something along the lines of “I’m very good at saving for what I want. I saved to buy that ________, didn’t I?”

3. Embrace gratitude

The last step is pretty simple and takes power right out of a money block: Be grateful. Gratitude doesn’t leave room for bad thoughts of any kind. So, by focusing on what you have, and being thankful for those things, your money block no longer has any power at all.

Crushing Your Money Blocks

You don’t have to come to a crashing halt just because of a money block. Rather crush those blocks by destroying them at the core, and then replacing them entirely with a thankful heart. These blocks, once defeated, creates room for financial success in your life.

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Developing a wealth mindset is one of the most important things you can do if you’re seeking financial freedom. Embrace whatever helps you keep on track towards reaching your goals.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible, and the results are stunning.

When it comes automatically, when your natural reactions are in line with the wealth mindset, you’ll see the change in you! Your finances will naturally follow.

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